About Me

I’m Dick Grinwis, a 30-somethingish guy from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

I’ve studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (Major: Illustration, Minor: Identity), and while there, rolled into the Dutch games industry where I’ve worked as a concept & game artist for multiple years.

For a complete list of my work history and credentials, please visit LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dgrinwis

t: +31(0)6 42 45 00 67
e: info@grinwise.com


Concept art
Interface design
2D/asset art
Layout art

Video editing


Storyboard Pro

Premiere Pro

Things I enjoy

Being in a creative rush
Delicious, delicious pizza
Collecting convertible robots
The scent of freshly printed books
Going to the movies!
Meeting interesting people (this could be you!)

Some of the projects I worked on (in alphabetical order)

Briquid Mini – concept art, interface design
iO – promotional art
Sprawl – ingame art, interface design
various unnannounced projects

IF Games
The Perils of Man– art assets
Minor game – concept art

Il Luster/Dromenjager
Woezel & Pip: Season 3 – background art
Woezel & Pip: Op Zoek naar de Sloddervos! – layout art, background art

Sumico – concept art, interface design

Nationale Postcode Loterij
unannounced project

Playlogic Games Factory
Fairytale Fights (Playstation 3 / XBOX 360) – concept art, storyboards, level decoration
Fairytale Fights DLC (Playstation 3 / XBOX 360) – concept art, storyboards
EyePet Move Edition, for Sony SCEE (Playstation 3) – concept art


Wellie Wishers – layout art

Tingly Games
Greeting Games – art assets

Uitgeverij Van In
Bingel 2.0 – concept art, art assets

WeirdBeard Games

99 Bricks – concept art, interface design
Carnage – concept art, interface design, art assets
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit mini-game, for EA Netherlands– concept art, interface design, art assets
Phineas & Ferb: Rocket to the Stars, for Disney Netherlands – concept art, interface design, art assets
The Sims Medieval: mini-game, for EA Netherlands – concept art, interface design, art assets
Tiki Blox – concept art, interface design
various unnannounced projects