Bingel 2.0

Bingel is an online learning platform for kids in elementary school. Through engaging storylines and games they get to learn their material in a fun way!

I was tasked with creating art -in the broadest sense- for one entire grade: backgrounds, objects, characters and clothing. Everything other than the interface buttons, which are the same for every year!

The story of my Bingel island is set in the future and involves a utopia where everything has ‘gone green’. At the core of the island is an energy source called Wonderium, which has a miraculous and healthy effect on the island and its citizens.

Cient: Uitgeverij Van In
Type: eLearning platform
Platform: Desktop, tablet

City hall: in the actual game all the blank areas are places where content (texts, assignments, images) is projected.

Behind the Scenes

Have a look at some development work, including the very first Bingel concept of a playground fortress, intended for younger players!