Carnage is a single player racing game you can play online, for free!

The original idea of the game was a multiplayer racing game in the style of the Beastie Boys’ videoclip for the song ‘Sabotage’. Probably one of my favorite music videos of all time, it’s a parody of the numerous 70’s and 80’s cop shows, where badass mustachioed cops are seen driving through alleyways filled with cardboard boxes, chasing criminals.

Gradually the game evolved into a single player experience, with less focus on racing laps and more on vehicle based missions. It was decided that there was to be an involving story, spread across four ‘days’, featuring a shady character handing out jobs to the player.

Client: WeirdBeard Games
Type: Webgame
Platform: Desktop

Behind the Scenes

Before we settled on the final theme, some other concepts were developed. Who knows, maybe these could’ve been winners?