The Perils of Man

The Perils of Man is a point and click adventure game by Swiss game company IF Games. I was hired to work on the entirety of the game’s interface, from the opening titles to the main menu to the inventory screen.

The game’s story involves a mystery surrounding the protagonist’s ancestors, a family of inventors, so we went with an Edwardian style featuring scribbled notes, screws and gears.

Client: IF Games
Type: Mobile game
Platform: iOS / Steam

Behind the Scenes

The inventory screen is a common pillar in adventure games, and the one in The Perils of Man is no different. As the player is able to combine items, we decided to take advantage of our set style and create a screen that starts rotating with the help of gears when a combining process is started. Take a look at an earlier concept, as well as some animation propositions for the main menu!