The Six Servants

Personal Project

In this project I’ve adapted the characters from the fairy tale The Six Servants into a series of designs.

For those who are not familiar with the story: in order to free a princess from an evil witch, a prince enlists the aid of six servants, each with their own special power. When the prince is challenged to perform various impossible tasks (like retrieving something from the other side of the world within an hour) he uses the servants’ skills to succeed anyway. In a way, the Six Servants is a really old superhero story, with characters not unlike the X-Men or Avengers – all fitted with amazing powers. The names of the Six Servants slightly vary in versions, but they are:

  1. A servant with the power to stretch his neck and look very far (they have a statue of this character in the Dutch theme park, the Efteling!)
  2. A servant with eyesight so sharp, he has to wear a blindfold all the time to avoid shattering things.
  3. A servant with incredible hearing – guess what this one does.
  4. A servant who can eat and drink as much as he wants.
  5. A servant who is always cold, and in fact gets colder when the weather gets warmer.
  6. A servant who is an incredibly fast runner.

My idea was to modernize the fairy tale: the six servants are now robotic, and although looking pretty indistinguishable from one another (like the Seven Dwarfs or Oompa-Loompas), they can all convert their shapes into something suitable for the job.